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Become a WordPress Developer: unlocking power with code

Instructor: Brad Schiff

Course to learn PHP, JavaScript, WordPress theming & the WP REST API to Create Custom & Interactive WordPress Websites.

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main topics covered

»How to install WordPress on personal computer to practice and experiment with

»Get introduced to the PHP language

»Set Up a New Theme (how to convert any HTML template into a living breathing WordPress theme)

»Create Custom Post Types and Custom Fields

»Relate pieces of content with each other

»Learn the basics of (object-oriented) JavaScript

»Leverage the WP REST API

»Learn to use JavaScript to communicate with the WordPress back-end on-the-fly

»Let visitors sign up for a basic account on the site

»Build a "My Notes" feature (user specific single page application with real-time CRUD actions)

»Let users "like" or "heart" a professor (update the professor's like count on-the-fly)

»Deploy website live up onto the web for the entire world to view

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